Here is some of the many poems that I have come across over the years. They were all marked anonymous. If by some chance this work is yours, Please let me know. Also if want to submit an anonymous poem to me, to be posted on this page, feel free.


A place where sun, moon and stars
Do shine
A landscape so tender as thy face
A clear sky where reigns a sunny
Southern clime
Thats what I seek in this universe.

I want my Eden where the serpent
Does not prevail
I need to find my place to be,
I look for a garden where
The grass is not pale
But where nature reflects
Thy grand beauty

A paradise so quiet, depriv'd of cries
A vale so deep, as my thoughts
About thee
A love so supreme that knows
No sighs,
Thats what I feel in Wonderland

Miss You

I miss you in the morning dear,
When all the world is new;
I know the day can bring now joy,
Because it brings not you
I miss the well-loved voice of you,
Your tender smile for me
The charm of you, The joy of your
Unfailing sympathy.

The world is full of folks, its true
But there was only one of you

I miss you at the noontide dear;
The crowded city street
Seems but a desert now
I walk in solitude complete;
I miss your hand beside my own
The light touch of your hand
The quick gleam in the eyes of you
So sure to understand

The world is full of folks, its true
But there was only one of you

I miss you in the evening dear;
When daylight fades away
I miss the sheltering arms of you
To rest me from the day
I try to think i see you yet,
There where the firelight gleams,
Weary at last, I sleep and still
I miss you in my dreams!

Sunshine and Music

A laugh is just like sunshine.
It freashens all the day.
It tips the peak of life with light,
And drives the clouds away.
The sould grows glad and hears it,
And feels its courage strong.
A laugh is jsut like sunshine,
For cheering folks along.

A laugh is just like music.
It lingers in the heart.
And where its melody is heard,
The ills of life depart.
And happy thoughts come crowding,
It joyful notes to greet.
A laugh is just like music,
For making living sweet


Lo! I have opened unto you
The wide gates of my being.
And like a tide you have flowed into me.
The innermost recesses of my spirit
Are full of you.
All the channels of my soul
Are grown sweet with your presence.
For you have brought me peace.
The peace of great tranquil waters.
And the quiet of the summer sea.
Your hands are filled with peace
As the noontide is filled with light.
About your head is bound
The eternal quiet of the stars.
And in your heart dwells,
The calm miracle of twilight.

I am utterly content.

In all my being is so ripple of unrest.
For I have opened unto you,
The wide gates of my being.
And like a tide,
You have flowed into me.

You Are

You are my poison,
You are my sweet,
You are a toxin;
You are good enough to eat!
You have gutted my heart.
You have filled it too!
And when we're apart,
I miss you!

Give me your best,
Give me your worst,
Give me all of you.
To quench my thirst!

The Unquiet Grave

The wind doth blow today, my love,
And a few small drops of rain.
I never had but one true love,
In a cold grave she was lain.

I'll do as much for my true love,
As any young man may,
I'll sit and mourn all at her grave.
For a twelve-month and a day.

The twelve-month and a day being up,
The dead began to speak;
Oh, who sits weeping on my grave,
And will not let me sleep?

'Tis I, my love, sits on your grave,
And will not let you sleep.
For I crave one kiss of your clay cold lips;
And that is all I seek.

You crave one kiss of my clay cold lips,
But my breath smells earthy strong.
If you have one kiss of my clay cold lips,
Your time will not be long.

'Tis down in yonder garden green.
Love, where we used to walk,
The finest flower that ere was seen,
Is withered to a stalk.

the stalk is withered dry, my love,
So will our hearts decay.
So make yourself content, my love
Till God calls you away.

(C. 1500)