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blow squad
Aries (March 20 - April 20)
Appreciation and recognition for your hard work should come easy right now. Where relationships are concerned, be sure to communicate clearly and to listen carefully. Most misunderstandings today are simply due to misunderstandings, not malicious intent. You could be juggling a number of deadlines and responsibilities right now. Try to get everything you possibly can wrapped up today. And be sure to make your travel plans carefully because irritating delays and inconveniences could arise.
Well We just got the site up and running and we've had a few hits, but we need more!!!I am constantly updating, updating, updating! So come back often and check us out, see whats new. If you have ANY poetry that you would like to see on this site...Please e-mail Jesika with the author information and poem. Chances are it will be posted, I would like to soon create a page dedicated to our viewers...With poetry and short stories written by YOUThe people. Oh yeah, don't forget to take our poll.
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