In good times and in bad
You've been there to cheer me when sad
I only hope you know
What you've done for me
How you've helped me grow.
Holding me when I cried,
But because of you mother;
My tears have dried.
Though a woman I am now,
I love you still,
And to you I do bow.
You are always there,
helping me through
Showing that you care!
You've given me so much,
I can never repay.
My life you'll always touch.
I can't express...
No words can say,
How much I love you...
Each and every day!
So this much I can do;
Think of me when you look to the moon,
And know Everything I am,
In some way comes from you
So no matter what you are doing, Or where you are,
Know that i am there...
Your shining star